August 01, 2012

Download Driver Lenovo IdeaPad S10

Product Family  : Lenovo
Product Line     : IdeaPad
Product Model  : S10

This information can help you safely use your notebook personal computer. Follow and retain all information included with your computer. The information in this document does not alter the terms of your purchase agreement or the Lenovo Limited Warranty. For more information, See “Appendix A. Lenovo Limited Warranty”.

Customer safety is important. Our products are developed to be safe and effective. However, personal computers are electronic devices. Power cords, power adapters, and other features can create potential safety risks that can result in physical injury or property damage, especially if misused.

To reduce these risks, follow the instructions included with your product, observe all warnings on the product and in the operating instructions, and review the information included in this document carefully. By carefully following the information contained in this document and provided with your product, you can help protect yourself from hazards and create a safer
computer work environment. 

This information includes references to power adapters and batteries. In addition to notebook computers, some products (such as speakers and monitors) ship with external power adapters. If you have such a product, this information applies to your product. In addition, computer products contain a coin-sized internal battery that provides power to the system clock even when the computer is unplugged, so the battery safety information applies to all computer products. 

Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) are computer parts that can be upgraded or replaced by the customer. There are two types of CRUs: internal and external. External CRUs are easy to install, whereas internal CRUs require some technical skills and in some cases might require tools such as a screwdriver. However, both internal and external CRUs are safe for removal by the customer.

Customers are responsible for replacing all external CRUs. Internal CRUs can be removed and installed by customers or by a Lenovo service
technician during the warranty period.
Your computer contains the following types of external CRUs:

  • External CRUs (pluggable): These CRUs unplug from the computer.Examples of these types of CRUs include the AC adapter and power cord.
  • External CRUs with latches: These CRUs include a latch to help you remove and replace the part. Examples of these types of CRUs include the notebook main battery, and an extended battery. Your computer contains the following types of internal CRUs:
  • Internal CRUs (located behind an access panel): These CRUs are isolated parts within the computer that are concealed by an access panel that is typically secured by either one or two screws. Once the access panel is removed, only the specific CRU is visible. Examples of these types of CRUs include memory modules and hard disk drives.
  • Internal CRUs (located within the product): These CRUs are accessible only by opening the computer’s outer case. Examples of these CRUs include PCI Express Mini Cards and the integrated keyboard.

File Name
Windows XP
Windows 7
VGA Driver
VGA for Windows 7 & XP
VGA Driver
Audio for Windows 7 & XP
Audio Driver
Lan Driver
Lan for Windows 7 & XP
Lan Driver
Wireless for Windows 7 & XP
WLan Driver
Touchpad for Windows 7 & XP
Chipset for Windows 7 & XP
Bluetooth Ralink
Bluetooth for Windows 7 & XP
cardReader for Windows 7 & XP


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